Cervin Ventures invests in strong founding teams focused on building big companies in enterprise software and services

Replay Technologies

Replay Technologies is powering the next big revolution in video. The way we experience visual recording of reality as moving media, from sports to news to film, will be freed from the constraints of a physical camera, thus raising the story-telling possibilities and the user immersion experience to a different level. The technology is based on 3D reconstruction and has relevance in various industries including broadcasting, cinema, biomedical, security, etc.


Ampool is building the next generation in-memory data infrastructure products that enable high-performance analytics while reducing cost and architectural concerns. Ampool is building technologies that make it possible to pool chip-based Memory (both Volatile as well as Non-Volatile) across the cluster for parallel, high-speed data storage and access, reducing complexity of real-time data-centric applications on Hadoop platforms.

armor text

ArmorText provides secure text messaging for mobile enterprises to boost collaboration, ensure security, and help meet compliance standards. ArmorText’s secure messaging solutions are ideal for organizations in the financial services, healthcare, and public sectors. For financial services, it is designed to meet FINRA and Sarbanes-Oxley regulations. It offers HIPAA-compliance for healthcare organizations and enables doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals to collaborate easily.


Bedrock Analytics has developed an industry specific analytics and visualization platform for the CPG industry. Bedrock simplifies the process of extracting actionable insights from existing retail sales data by combining proven CPG analyses with next generation visualization software. Bedrock allows your analytics, sales and marketing teams to focus on growing your sales and brands, instead of wasting countless hours manipulating spreadsheets and creating charts.

better company

BetterCompany is an anonymous employee engagement social network. The platform allows you to choose your community, and speak candidly without revealing your identity. BetterCompany is a community for every day of each person's work life, from the person who works next to you, all the way up to your CEO.

bright pattern

Bright Pattern is a provider of next generation cloud based call center software. Our product, ServicePattern, is a cloud service built from the ground up using cutting edge contact center technology. It is the next generation, high-performance contact center solution. It offers a fusion of voice, web/mobile chat, social media, and skills-based routing within a unified contact center platform with convenient controls to provide efficient and effective customer service and support.


(Business was gracefully wound down) Claritics is a cloud-based social analytics company that delivers business insights for smarter, faster decisions. The company provides social analytics that deliver immediate, actionable insights to help social commerce companies reach faster, smarter operating decisions and create automated business processes.


EdCast is empowering individuals and organizations to build their knowledge network. It has developed a personal learning network to enhance human ability to collaborate and learn across instructors, students and employers. EdCast Knowledge CloudTM powers online learning portals built on OpenEdX for world class institutions, enterprises, governments and non-profits.


Folloze, a content engagement platform, enables B2B sales and marketing teams to win more deals by connecting effectively with prospects and customers and giving them a powerful buying experience. Sellers and marketers can rapidly create and share beautiful content boards with rich analytics -- and act at the prospect’s moment of attention. Folloze enables tighter integration between sales and marketing teams and enables better lead conversion using personalized content.



(Now part of Oracle) Involver is the web’s trusted social marketing platform, supporting 700,000 brands and agencies who manage audiences of more than 1.6 Billion fans. Involver provides marketers with everything they need to create rich experiences across the social web. Involver SML is the World’s First Markup Language For Social Media, enabling front-end developers to create rich social experiences.

launch darkly

Software development is going through a massive change. Organizations are actively moving to agile development and creating micro-services (rather than monolithic code), enabling them to launch products and features at a much faster pace. LaunchDarkly allows engineers to release new features, target the additions for certain users, get feedback and roll back the feature if needed seamlessly. This is a critical capability that enables software development teams to decouple feature launches from deployment.


Nexient is a leading pure-play “onshore” software services provider, with core strength in Agile software development and transformation at scale. Launched in 2010, the company has over 60 scrum teams supporting Fortune 500 and high growth mid-market enterprises. With four delivery centers in the US, Nexient architects and build solutions that combine Agile expertise with Silicon Valley innovation to help their clients be more responsive to their market.

Reveel turns any visual media into an interactive mobile experience for publishers, brands and broadcasters.  With the Reveel-it app or any app equipped with Reveel’s visual recognition capability, consumers can instantly learn about or buy what they see. Look out for shows, movies, magazines and other printed material featuring the Reveel logo, Reveel it with your smartphone’s camera and buy the product you like, get a coupon, calendar an event, watch a video and much more.  


PayStand is a next generation payment platform that enables any organization to receive money on their website, social network, or web application. PayStand is the first multi-payment gateway that accepts credit cards (Visa/MasterCard/Amex/Discover), eCheck (ACH/Dwolla), and eCash (Bitcoins) with no additional transaction fees. Leading merchants are using PayStand for their online payments, shopping cart, donation management, subscriptions, eCommerce integrations, recurring payments and checkout experience.


Punchh, the restaurant industry’s leading mobile loyalty and insights platform, drives customer engagement through fully integrated private-label mobile apps. It equips restaurant brands with a data driven marketing platform to target guests with the right offers at the right time and place. Restaurants can use the Punchh platform to have a better understanding of their customers and track and measure their campaigns.

quantic mind

QuanticMind is a platform for smarter performance advertising. It is the leader in predictive advertising management software for paid search, social, display, and mobile. The company brings machine learning, distributed cloud, and in-memory processing technologies to provide the most intelligent, scalable, and fast platform. A global community of sophisticated marketers has upgraded to QuanticMind to take advantage of its smart and flexible data science.

snap logic

SnapLogic is an integration platform that allows companies to connect any number of applications both in the Cloud and on premise. With its integration suite, which includes SnapLogic Server, SnapLogic Designer and the SnapStore, companies are no longer required to rely on time consuming and expensive coding to solve integration challenges. The SnapLogic integration platform enables the seamless communication of legacy and Cloud applications.


Soha Systems is an innovator in secure application access for enterprises and SaaS providers. The company’s service, Soha Cloud, creates a “cloud perimeter” between enterprise infrastructure and the Internet, reducing the attack surface to zero and making applications invisible to the public. Through Soha Cloud, authenticated users are granted micro-granular access to specific applications.


(now part of Vlassis) Spotzot is a rapidly growing network of 30 million high-intent mobile shoppers who regularly make their purchases offline at brick and mortar retailers. Spotzot reaches these shoppers by providing a location based in-app shopping service to high traffic shopping, search and game applications. Spotzot provides a rich in-store shopping experience for retailers and brands where consumers can discover the hottest trends, best offers and coupons and find a store nearby.


Tynker is a creative computing platform designed specifically to teach children computational learning and programming skills in a fun and imaginative way. Its mission is to provide every child with a solid foundation in STEM, programming, and critical thinking skills to prepare them to become better architects of their future world. Over 23 million kids and 20,000 schools use Tynker to learn programming.


Zephyr is a leading provider of on-demand, real-time enterprise test management solutions, offering seamless integrations and real-time visibility into the quality and status of software projects. Zephyr is the fastest growing agile test management product, with more than 7,000 global customers. Its deep integration with Atlassian’s Jira product and availability through their market-place, has propelled its reach globally.



Zycada Networks empowers mobile app creators to control and optimize the underlying network by creating a virtual layer that is carrier, cloud, and CDN agnostic. This enables app creators to reduce their app’s response time and significantly boost speed.