Why should entrepreneurs come to Cervin Ventures?

As experienced operators, we know what it takes to start, build and grow a business. We bring an extensive network of technology, venture capital, and business professionals to advise and help early stage companies through their entire life cycle. We work closely with our portfolio companies to help them realize their full potential.

One of the pet peeves of most entrepreneurs is that they would like to deal with someone who has been in their shoes before. They don't feel that a career banker or corporate executive really "gets" what being an early stage entrepreneur is all about. We are entrepreneurs who moved to venture capital to have the privilege of working with founders at the early stage of building businesses. We have seen success and failure. We understand the sacrifices an entrepreneur must make, the highs and the lows that are part of startup life and the combination of vision, strategy, operating rigor, and hustle that is needed to make a business successful. We invest in a few companies and establish deep partnerships with our entrepreneurs. Our structured process for seed stage companies includes helping them to achieve fast commercialization, leverage our service providers, and our extensive network.

Fast Commercialization

The key first step for each new company is to determine product-market fit. This is the point at which the company has determined buyer needs and how the product meets their requirements.  Product-market fit is the most important factor in the success of a startup. We assist our founders in the following ways to speed up their journey to this critical milestone:

  • Ensure that the team is single mindedly focused on getting initial pilot customers that are engaged users of the product
  • Assemble a world class set of industry advisors that can assist the team to minimize the time needed to reach product market fit
  • Establish a few key partnerships that can allow the company to attain non-linear growth


As the founders continue to focus on product market fit, it is a must for them to find good, reliable and low cost options for all these services. Cervin Ventures has aligned themselves with reputed legal, financial, recruiting, and other service providers which allows the company to focus on what's most important - product and customers. With our focus exclusively on early stage deals, we have honed our processes to provide the support that is most relevant to companies at this stage.

Extensive Network

Entrepreneurs value their investor's rolodex. This includes access to available talent and firms whose partnerships could be the difference between a company succeeding or not. This could also include potential customers and partners. Our advisors have a successful track record as entrepreneurs and executives. Our extensive network includes startup and corporate executives, some of the best technical talent in the industry, leading venture capital firms, and investment banks.