* With access to market maps and research, we are thought partners to our entrepreneurs, helping them better understand their market and competitive landscape including potential partner universe

    * Understanding TAM, market segmentation, selecting a beach-head market, identifying end user profiles of prospective customers are key elements of early success.

    * Extensive network of advisors and consultants who can help founders make better decisions faster


    * What is the "secret sauce"? Keep a continued focus on building a differentiated value proposition

    * Product roadmap and prioritization driven by the focus on long term value creation

    * Product operations including understanding of usage and churn, growth drivers, pricing, packaging (product vs full solution) are critical aspects of a business


    * Organization development appropriate for each stage of the company including key talent acquisition through our network 

    * Business model and operations framework with clarity of metrics/KPIs for the business and OKRs for the team

    * Support across various functional areas of a business


    MIT Sloan's Disciplined Entrepreneurship Program is run by serial entrepreneur and renowned MIT Professor, Bill Aulet who has developed an intensive step-by-step strategic road map for launching a successful venture or to more efficiently bring innovative products and ideas to market. Cervin Ventures, in collaboration with MIT, has adapted the program for its portfolio companies.