February Newsletter Replay Tech Scores Touchdown at Super Bowl 50!

February 16, 2016

If you were one of the 112 million viewers who watched the Super Bowl earlier this month, you probably caught a glimpse of Cervin Ventures-backed Replay Technologies’ “freeD” tech in action. Their 360-degree instant replay technology was featured throughout the Big Game, including a crucial play that sealed the Denver Broncos win over the Carolina Panthers.

On the day of the game, Cervin Ventures was featured in a San Francisco Chronicle article on the front page of the Business section about their investment in Replay.

“This is an augmented reality play” said Cervin’s Preetish Nijhawan, one of the co-founders of the successful content delivery network company Akamai Technologies. “This is still in its early stages. Video is the ultimate application of the Internet, especially for the younger crowd.”

Not to be outdone, the NBA All Star game also showcased Replay’s incredible technology.

Way to go Replay!

Tynker is One of 2015’s Nominet Trust 100!

We are extremely proud of Tynker, one of our portfolio companies in the EdTech space, for being chosen as one of the Nominet Trust 100 for 2015! The Nominet Trust 100 celebrates the people and organizations who are using digital technology to change the world for the better.  Each year, it brings together 100 of the world’s most inspiring examples of social innovation, where digital technologies have been used to tackle a significant social challenge.

Tynker is working with 23 million children aged 7 and over in 20,000 schools across the world to help them learn to code, create apps, develop computer programs and build interactive hardware solutions. Kids learn to take control of the technological world around them, giving them an advantage in a future filled with technology and computers.

2015 Was a Great Year for QuanticMind

QuanticMind recently announced that the company posted record new subscriptions, customer wins, and accelerated growth in 2015.

Chaitanya Chandrasekar, co-founder and CEO of QuanticMind says, “Our predictive advertising management platform is gaining significant traction in the market. Since receiving $10.3 million of capital at the midway point of last year, QuanticMind has tripled its revenue, doubled its customer base, and doubled its headcount.”

The company’s new customers include a leading financial services company in the online brokerage space, the largest automotive retailer in the U.S. and the interactive division of a big-three television network.

Company Spotlight: Folloze

B2B marketing and sales teams need to adapt to an environment in which buyers no longer follow the playbook. Today, buyers drive the process and they bounce between marketing and sales. They want answers, not pitches. They demand instant gratification. It’s no longer a sales process, it’s a buying process. The buyers are in charge.

To address the problem, Folloze has created a B2B content engagement platform for marketing and sales. It helps businesses create compelling content experiences. More significantly, it aligns marketing and sales teams around buyer expectations.

Folloze extends the content marketing approach deep into the sales process to create a unified buying experience. It generates content dynamically for individual prospects to ensure they are engaged. And it delivers real-time tracking and sales alerts for insights into buyer behavior and preferences. The results: stronger prospect engagement, greater lead conversions and a more empowered sales team.

Folloze has landed Fortune 500 customers, partnered with Salesforce and Marketo, and released a new dynamic content generation engine.

We are excited to see what’s in store for Replay, Tynker, QuanticMind, Folloze and our portfolio companies throughout 2016!