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    In the fight to capture the largest number of users, popular collaboration technologies have been vying to become the “one tool for all”. To increase adoption, they were based on freemium models which are purpose-built to monetize customer data and allow administrative access to countless people. Because its impossible to account for everyone who can see their communications on these enterprise platforms, senior managers and security professionals typically use consumer messengers for their most sensitive and valuable communications; technologies that expose them to regulatory fallout for non-compliance and are often just as vulnerable.

    The premise of ArmorText is simple, a single tool for all communications is impractical; not all information is created equal. ArmorText's zero-trust architecture allows the highest level of security to be applied to the most sensitive communications without sacrificing any of the governance capabilities an enterprise has come to expect. ArmorText is the first 100%-cloud collaboration suite with complete e2e encryption, governance and federation capabilities.